Your Journey, Our Inspiration

At ORAKI, each piece is more than just clothing; it's a companion on your personal journey and a celebration of your inner strength.


We have witnessed many inspiring stories from women for whom ORAKI has been a crucial support in pivotal moments: these tales are the beating heart of our community.

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Do you have a story with ORAKI to share? A time when our clothes were more than just a fashion choice for you? Whether it was a personal transformation, an awakening, a reconnection with oneself, or a challenge overcome, every story is a celebration of female strength and resilience.

Your Stories

Discover now the stories of the incredible women in our community. These testimonials reflect the diversity of our experiences and the beauty of our shared resilience.

On March 29, 2023, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.


A tsunami swept through my body and mind. Diagnostic tests followed, and the operation was performed last May. My chemotherapy treatment began on July 4, 2023, for a period of 12 weeks. The immunotherapy will last a total of one year. I had to start hormone therapy in October.


The purpose of my memo is to tell you that ORAKI has helped me feel more beautiful in my skin, my heart and my head. At every treatment, I wore new leggings for comfort and felt beautiful going. I followed and still follow your launches by the minute, because I'm still recovering ; I’ll have my reconstruction in April.


A close friend said to me: "You're just wearing ORAKI...?” Too funny and yes, every day, you follow me on my journey. I feel even more beautiful when I wear your clothes. Cynthia is a person who impresses me a lot and I would like to congratulate her for her determination, leadership and vision as a businesswoman, but above all for her human side.


Thank you to the whole team.


On April 30, 2023, I decided to take control of my physical and mental health.


April 30, 2023, marked the first day of a beautiful personal challenge for me.


When I ordered my very first biker shorts to motivate myself to start running, I never doubted my appearance during my training sessions again! I found a blazing confidence in myself with that piece of clothing! So, since then, whenever I want to encourage and congratulate myself on my efforts, I reward myself with a new piece ⭐️

Almost a year later, I proudly celebrate reaching my goals by wearing ORAKI 🫶