To offer you unique style, superior quality, and a positive environmental impact, every step in the production process of ORAKI clothing is carefully thought out.

Everything is done responsibly, right here in Quebec: from clothing design, through sampling, quality control, and testing, right up to manufacturing.

To avoid large surpluses, we are also committed to producing limited quantities for each of our collections.

Everything we make starts with the same question: What can we recycle?

If there's an option for making fabrics from recycled materials or natural fibers available to us, count on us to take that path. Recycled cotton, regenerated nylon, and recycled polyester are just some of the fibers we've created over the years.

A large proportion of our clothing is also made from biodegradable natural fibers, enabling us to reduce our ecological footprint and promote a more sustainable lifestyle. Dented corn and wood pulp are just some of the natural fibers used in our clothes.

Visit our Recycled materials and natural fibers section to learn more about our eco-friendly fabrics.

Our environmental impact is not limited to the use of recycled materials and natural fibers in the manufacturing of our products.

For every order, we use reusable hair elastics and diaper pins to attach our labels, enabling our customers to reuse them on a daily basis. Our labels, made from recycled cardboard, can also be used as bookmarks, some even being plantable bookmarks.

As for our delivery bag, it features a double-fold option that makes it easy to reseal for reuse.

ORAKI is a community of women who help, support, and uplift each other. Our team is a reflection of our community, united by our values and our desire to make a real difference in the world.

A true catalyst for success, our company culture drives us to give our all in everything we do. We can count on each other's strengths to achieve our goals. This commitment also pushes us to go beyond our company to get involved in many causes close to our hearts.

It's what makes our team so close-knit, so tightly bound: our strong sense of belonging to ORAKI and to our community.

Giving back to the community is part of who we are. It's part of our DNA. This commitment is at the heart of our company values and culture.

Over the years, we have naturally associated ourselves with a number of causes. We designed a Stella sports bag and leggings, donating $5 from every item sold to the Children's Wish Foundation. We also launched the VIVA legging, in partnership with SOS violence conjugale.

In addition to our awareness-raising campaigns, we regularly donate clothing to organizations such as the Salvation Army, the Day Center "Chez Pops", Auberge Transition, and The Youth Foundation of the DPJ for which we also hold occasional fundraisers.