Everything we make starts with one question: What can we recycle ?

In garment technology, there are many ways to use recycled material in production; for us, there is no doubt that if a recycled option is available, that is the path we have to take.

Recycled cotton, regenerated nylon and recycled polyester are just a few of the yarns we have developed over the years. Two words are central to all our decisions: planet and people.

We make products with recycled materials and our collections are made ethically in Canada. Our core values centre on sustainability, longevity, respect for people, the planet and its living habitats. ORAKI’s line of products is also 100% vegan and cruelty-free.


is a made-up word for Aura (ora) + Kindness (Ki)

Since 2015, we’ve been in yard-spinning factories with recycled threading to better and better our primary fabrics ourselves. All of our fabrics were exclusively developed by us. We’re looking ahead to improve our techniques, which is why are products are constantly evolving. They are always better performing and their recycled material technology is always advancing.

Sustainability plays a large role in the brand's production process; all our pieces are produced in limited quantities to avoid excess inventory. We’re constantly looking at innovative ways to make apparel with the smallest possible footprint and create more circular supply chains. For example, a pair of ORAKI pants or a sweatshirt requires using 85% less energy and 20% less water to produce, while generating 75% less CO2 emissions than virgin man-made fabrics.

Wearing ORAKI is being part of a movement for change in the world.

We take pride in being different and authentic. Isn’t that true beauty, after all: being you, no matter what?

ORAKI’s mission is rooted in women's empowerment—inspiring women everywhere to take risks, be bold, love themselves exactly as they are and do the same with everyone around them.

Our women are fearless; they’re not influenced by any negativity that is thrown their way. They are strong and revolutionary woman who stand up and care for one another. They’re honestly just the best.

The Founder

That day, with my baby girl in my belly.. something clicked,. I knew I had to make a difference, I knew I had to use my hands and my passion to a better purpose. 2014 was the turning point of my life and after 2 years of researching and testing in manufactures: in 2016 I quit my super well-paid job and all benefices and I jumped into the unknown of a startup.

My true passion is manufacturing recycled fabrics. I like to work in factories to develop materials that don’t exist for manufacturers. We work for months and months on recycled knits. Some never see the light of day and others are used to craft the clothing you wear today. I am so proud of what ORAKI has become, because of the products, yes, because of our values, yes, but mostly because I am proud of our community of awesome women who respect and care for each other and the planet.

Together we are changing the world.