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I worked more than 18 months and created more than 29 samples to get this fabric, which in my opinion is the best recycled material. It is knitted on our circular interlocking machines, which prevents transparency. This leggings are perfect. It supports and sticks on the skin, in addition to having a high waist that does not roll. With more than 23 % elastane and thanks to its extensibility in the 4 directions, Ecomove marries body shapes while enhancing, and offers absolute support and comfort. The slightly brushed interior of the fabric gives it an incomparable softness similar to the skin of a peach. You will not want to wear anything other than the Ecomove.

Ecomove is made of 15 bottles of recycled plastic and is certified REPREVE® while being without BPA and antibacterial. In addition, it evacuates moisture and dries quickly. More than 18 months of technology and factory manufacturing test were necessary to create this unique material for our Oraki brand. The seams of this leggings are in filtex, which ensures the sustainability of the product since the fibers do not break, in addition to increasing its resistance during use and washing. This is the perfect leggings for all occasions: yoga, training, relaxation at home, outings with friends. It offers a feeling of second ultra comfortable skin. Legging is high and offers maximum support thanks to its slight compression which comes from its interlocking construction (alternating wires in the fabric), which also avoids transparency. The Ecomove is "Squat Proof" and its interior is slightly brushed; We call it our "fishing" side. It has an average weight of 250 g. The perfection of our recycled material technology in leggings: Ecomove.

** All our products are offered in limited quantities, which helps us to support a sustainable future.

  • 77% polyester made from recycled plastic bottles, 23% elastane
  • Made from 15 post-consumption recycled plastic bottles
  • Excellent support thanks to high quality elastane
  • Middle weight fabric (250 g)
  • Knitted in Interlock (ultra opaque)
  • Brushed interior ("peach" side = softness on the skin)
  • BPA without BPA
  • Extendable in 4 senses and very large elastic memory
  • Humidity resistant
  • Dry quickly
  • Triangular gusset for greater mobility
  • Gusset: inner lining in organic cotton and breathable mesh
  • Designed to enhance and offer adequate maintenance all day and during exercise sessions
  • Middle weight fabric (second skin) providing a feeling of support
  • 72 cm (28.5 '') crotch seam
  • Narrow belt without elastic that does not strap, does not slide and does not roll
  • High waist belt with double panels
  • Machine washing with cold water by putting the garment upside down.
  • Wash with delicate cycle with similar smooth colors and fabrics.
  • Do not wash with towels or other items that could leave small foams
  • Do not wash with items that include velcros, zippers, plastic or metal parts that could damage the fabric fiber.
  • Hang to dry, avoid dryer!
  • Do not bleach.
  • Winter period: friction with boots, snow clothes, all kinds of labels can damage the fibers of our tissues.

Customer Reviews

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Un beau bleu

J'aime beaucoup le céleste. Je suis un peu moins couleurs penchées pour mes leggings unis mais celui-ci est d'un si beau bleu que je n'ai pas pu résister. Je l'adore!

Sabrina Girard

La couleur et très confortable 😍


Le céleste est mon legging préféré, tissu confortable et polyvalent! Osé le céleste, la couleur est magnifique !