Classic Crew Neck - Heather Brown


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"Crew Neck" style sweater made of recycled material that is doing perfectly on any occasion! His name says it, it's a classic! Its adjustment conforms to the size, so neither too large nor too small. It is comfortable, soft, slightly brushed inside, of medium weight and its making is exceptional. More importantly, it is done here in Quebec!
Difference with the Crew Neck of the old collection: the shoulder is no longer drooping and it is now a little longer!

Middle-up-out (250 g) round-collar guttine (250 g) which is soft and breathable. It is made from 65 % recycled polyester and 35 % recycled cotton. This long -sleeved sweater complies with its size, so not too tight or too large. It is advantageous for the silhouette while being ultra comfortable.
** All our products are offered in limited quantities, which helps us to support a sustainable future.
Fleece collection
New generation of "anti-bouloche" Fleece fabric: in order to preserve the original appearance of the material as long as possible, please respect the indications of washing below! In order to ‘fix’ the soft inner fiber (brushing), we advise to wash the piece a few times before wearing it. *Please note: Note that Oraki does not resume the exchanges of clothes that have been washed. Please note that Oraki will not accept any return linked to narrowing. The bosses have all been adjusted accordingly. ::
Please note that Oraki will not accept any return linked to the narrowing. The bosses have all been adjusted accordingly.

  • 65 % polyester made from recycled plastic bottles, 35 % recycled cotton
  • Made from 25 post-consumption recycled plastic bottles
  • "Cotton pad" appearance fabric, but made from recycled polyester
  • Middle weight fabric (250 g)
  • Soft on the skin
  • Ultra -comfortable, not adjusted to sleeves or elsewhere
  • Middle weight fabric (second skin)
  • Machine washing in cold water to avoid the release of fibers.
  • Wash with delicate cycle by putting the garment upside down.
  • Wash with similar colors and other smooth fabrics to prevent the fibers from other clothes from sticking to the fabric.
  • Do not put the dryer. Dry flat.


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